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A staged reading of intergalactic proportions loosely based on the novel by Douglas Adams.

KEY VISUAL Der Anhalter
KEY VISUAL Der Anhalter Anja Leu

"I never could get along with Thursdays." - Arthur Dent

And no wonder, because one Thursday his house and his home planet, Earth, are destroyed. The house must give way to a bypass, the planet to an express route through the solar system. Thus homeless, Arthur Dent travels through the galaxy, hitchhiking. On the way he meets not only adventures and dangers, but also questions and answers, which whirl his past terrestrial world view properly confused:

Why are there, or rather were there, so many fjords in a country called Norway on planet Earth?

And at all: Who has built this earth?

And who ordered and paid for this construction and has ruled this planet ever since?

And above all: What is the question that fits the answer "42"?

If you want to find out all this, first of all you have to pass by and secondly you must never forget the most important basic rule of interstellar travel by hitchhiking: NO PANIC!

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Arthur Breitsprecher (Autor/in)
Arthur Breitsprecher
Christian Korthals
Nicholas Young
Bea Beng
Axel Körting
Lydia Steer
Björn Wunsch
Lola Schröder
Luca-Zoé Renz
Vivian Schlosser
Micha Schirmer
Anja Leu
Jens Voigt
Theater im Kino
Theater im Kino