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Hiking/walking together for about 3 hours in the nature of Berlin-Spandau. In a relaxed way, reach at least the recommended 10,000 steps per day and learn something about a nature topic along the way.

In September, the theme is "Animals and Plants of the Year 2023". We will hike through the Hahneberg landscape conservation area and the Karoliner Rieselfelder to Gatow.

Speaker: Dr. Mireille Staschok

Meeting point Nature Conservation Station Hahneberg, Heerstr. 549,13593 Berlin. Bus (M37, X49/M49), the bus stop Hahneberg is almost directly in front of the station.
Attention not a round trip! End point is not the meeting point, but Potsdamer Chaussee, 14089 Berlin, bus 135, stop Außenweg.
Please remember to wear weatherproof clothing and sturdy, comfortable shoes.

Please register at the Volkshochschule Spandau, quoting the course number Sp1.400-H.

Phone: 90279 5000 Fax: 90279 5001 E-mail:,

Cost: 11.00 EUR€ per person (reduced: 5.50 EUR€)

(Program in German)
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