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Start2Dance e. V. (Hanover, Lower Saxony)

Have you ever felt oppressed and kept down? The performance “HEATWAVE”, which was created as part of the dance theatre piece “FREEDOM”, is about liberation from tyrannical powers that want to dim the light of the oppressed through subjugation.

In the conception of the piece, the Start2Dance Collective dealt with the protests in Iran that were triggered by the violent death of the young Iranian Kurdish woman Masha Amini. It is about the fighting spirit of Iranian women and their hope for more rights, freedom and political change. Childhood trauma, abuse and the critical human rights situation in the last FIFA World Cup host country Qatar were also discussed. Some members of the collective agreed to address and present their own stories.

With the help of music, projections, props and emotions, the eight dancers take the audience on a journey that makes the heart grow heavy. The performance contains many metaphorical allusions, which encourages the audience to associate their own experiences with what is being presented.


Lea Kezmic, Salma Alkhatib, Maria Aggelidou, Cecilia Asara-Amankwah, Giulia Muto, Hannah Kley-do Amaral, Isabella Verchau

  • Feryal Djavadi – Choregraphy, artistic direction
  • Joshua Delfi – Conceptual assistance
  • Lisa Gassner – Conceptual assistance and production assistance
  • Lorenzo Pignataro – Choreographer Start2Dance
  • Murat Dikenci – Curator “Universen”

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