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Live und Absurd

Hans Werner Olm, the great wise man of the absurd gallop of thought, invites his audience into a world of contradictions and little nastinesses that make life worth living.

In doing so, he skillfully picks apart our cherished mental comforts. He shows how exciting and fun it can be to look at things differently than they are actually intended to be. It is clear that for every solution there is a problem and for every independent thought there is a shitstorm.

When something gets to you, you're quick to shout, "That's going too far!" But for Olm, it doesn't go far enough. His credo: "The world is better than we simply don't want to see it. The paradox of it, we jump around with the earth, as if we still had one in the trunk. O-Ton Olm: All speak of the end of the world, only that does not bring us nevertheless also further. Now see that, nevertheless, finally!"

Environmental worries, gender mania, survival costs, Botox, thick lips and anxiety attacks are blooming pleasure gardens of knowledge for him. He responds to whining and tippling with mirth and refreshing mockery.

(Program in German)

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