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“A little bit of happiness becomes a big thing …” Hans im Glück is a fairy tale that could just as easily tell the success story of the former cauldron: from the parasitic punk theater in the backyard to the paradisiacal park stage to a magnificent state theater.

There is no other way to tell this unique story of this “Hans-Im-Glück-Theater”, whose ensemble has always grown with its naive optimism and enthusiasm for playing and, with a joyful composure, was able to turn any setback into a success in the end Simply experiencing fairy tales.

The fisherman and his wife once lived in an old hut and couldn't make any progress. Yes, where to!? “Mie Fru, Ilsebill doesn’t want it the way I want it?” – something like that couldn’t happen to you. This (very) ancient, twisted, crude fairy tale of greedy insatiability? Has nothing to do with us. But why do people feel so touched?

What if it were possible: ever further, ever higher, ever bigger! And yet increasingly dissatisfied. When is it time to stop dreaming when suddenly every dream is within your grasp? “Once upon a time…” becomes now and here. Aren't we all a bit Ilsebill?