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Werner Herzog" Film Series

'Die große Ekstase des Bildschnitzers Steiner', BRD 1974, Director: Werner Herzog

KEY VISUAL Deutsche Kinemathek
KEY VISUAL Deutsche Kinemathek © Marian Stefanowski,

45 minutes / 16mm / OmE

Walter Steiner, the grandiose Swiss ski jumper, towers over his competitors with his talent. The film illustrates not only this, but also the mechanisms of a sport that shows little consideration for the jumpers, but instead focuses on the spectacle. Almost frighteningly clearly, the many falls shown point to the excessive risk of the competitions. Best distances are to be achieved, at almost any price. Steiner sees through these mechanisms, he does not submit to them, but follows his dream of flying: a Herzogian hero.

'Land of Silence and Darkness', BRD 1971, directed by Werner Herzog

85 minutes / 16mm / Ome

Haunting description of the life of a deaf-blind woman. A contemporary document that points out society's lack of care for people with disabilities. "Shocking" through close observation, crafted with empathy and gentleness. The film's protagonist, Fini Straubinger, remained a friend of Werner Herzog for years after the collaboration.

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