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With relaxed nonchalance the trio Fuchs von Zimmer outrageous swing with German and international texts into the auditory canals of the inclined auditorium.

Fuchs von Zimmer
Fuchs von Zimmer © Gesine Born

This goes directly into the legs or the heart. It has charm and wit.

  • Saxophone, clarinet and vocals: Max von Zimmer
  • Double Bass: Andy Sier
  • Guitar: Lars Vegas
Max von Zimmer comes from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and has a flattering melodious voice. A perfect cavalier with saxophone and clarinet, he makes women's hearts weak and men's legs twitch. He also masters piano and ukulele and skilfully swings his dancing leg.

Andy Sier comes from Worcester in Great Britain and brings the driving groove into the band. His poundy plucked bass has already travelled all over Europe and overcomes every language barrier. In his spare time he builds instruments or plays Christmas carols on the harmonica.

Lars Vegas was sighted for the first time in the state capital Kiel. He found his roots in the Mississippi Delta when he travelled Highway 61 on his guitar. Since then he only speaks American. That didn't save him from singing two voices with Fuchs von Zimmer and playing guitar casually at the same time.

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