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with Sophia Lunra Schnack & Lea-Liane Winkler

Sophia Lunra Schnack's poetic debut novel "Feuchtes Holz" (Otto Müller Verlag, 2023) moves in a timeless space in which the boundaries between memory and future, past and its dreaded return become permeable. You feel transported back to the place of your childhood. The first run around the lake becomes like entering into previous smells. The damp wood carries the smell and images of the family home that no longer exists. It smells of rotten boards, the rain-soaked porch, grandmother's swimsuits, grandfather's weather patch.

That evening, author Sophia Lunra Schnack talks to Lea-Liane Winkler about the former house, remembering and the family's never-resolved war traumas in their own bodies, which have an intergenerational impact on emotions and thought patterns.

Sophia Lunra Schnack lives and writes mainly in Vienna. So far she has published poetry and (lyrical) prose, among other things. in the “Manuscripts”, in the “Poetry Gallery” or in “The Poem”. She writes in German and French. She continually seeks a tonal and atmospheric rapprochement between the two languages. In 2022 she received the Rotahorn Literature Promotion Prize. “Feuchtes Holz” was shortlisted for the Rauris Literature Prize for the best prose debut in the German language.

Lea-Liane Winkler was born, grew up and lives in Berlin. Recently curious about curating and moderating readings, so far among other things: in the Brotfabrik, the Lettrétage and at the summer festival of the Berlin Free Literature Scene Network. As an author (alias valeska geesdorf) she is a member of the literary group “House of thoughtless words”. She studied culture, literature, aesthetics and philosophy in Frankfurt (Oder), Amsterdam, Berkeley and Berlin.

With the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin.

(Program in German)