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Actor, performer and director Uriel Yekutiel, a member of Tel Aviv's LGBTQ community and a real style icon, is presenting a fashion show with Jewish designers on the Salzufer.

For the first time, a fashion show will take place as part of the Jewish Culture Days Berlin, which honors the memory of Jewish fashion designers and at the same time builds a bridge from the past to the present.

During the evening, various Jewish designers will present contemporary and at the same time timeless fashion. This ranges from established Israeli companies to start-ups that present sustainably produced creations. After the catwalk, the get-together offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with the fashion designers.

The event is realized in cooperation with Re-Fresh Global, a production and cooperation partner. Founded by fashion entrepreneurs Viktoria Kanar and Revital Nadiv in Tel Aviv, the company actively fights against the global problem of textile waste. It transforms old textiles into high-quality new raw materials that are used in various industries, including fashion, automotive and furniture. Since 2021, Re-Fresh Global has also been based in Berlin.

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