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The third play with the cuddly toys! Again for children from 2 and a half to about 6 years. Once again we tell and sing about well-known situations for children, teachers and parents: It's carnival, the most colorful festival. Dressing up is great fun for some and a challenge for others.

  • Programme in German

Horse knows for sure: "I'm the unicorn princess!". But where to get a costume? The animals imaginatively put together their costumes from plastic waste - upcycling, I guess you'd call it. Only Duck doesn't want to dress up at all. Is that possible? And how do you celebrate carnival? That's where the children's good advice comes in.

If you look closely, you will notice that the choice of costumes is very indicative of the needs of the wearers, so everyone brings their secret favorite phrase (perhaps also an approach to make more out of the real carnival party)
Monkey: I'm the monkey tractor, I'm really big and really strong.
Horse: I'm the unicorn princess, everyone admires me.
Guinea pig: I'm the lion guinea pig, everyone is afraid of me.
Teddy: I'm the baby bear, everyone looks after me.
Elephant: I am the flying elephant. I am very light. I can fly!
Dog: I'm Superdog, I'll save you all!
Duck: I'm a duck.