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Together we all have the chance to create a better world. More loving, more sensitive than it had ever been possible before. But, interested parties have to set it up themselves, get in the ring themselves, do it themselves. The event calls for people to become active themselves: as self-confident entrepreneurs, frugal but future-oriented. More modest in terms of resource consumption. Demanding what a happy life is all about.


There will be contributions by Prof. Werner Sobek, Prof. Günter Faltin, Prof. Tania Singer, Prof. Michael Richter, Prof. Gerald Hüther, Prof. Harald Welzer, Günes Seyfarth, keynotes, workshops, impulse groups, discussion rounds and, as always, with give many informal meetings and personal talks to over 1000 participants.

The Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
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