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Soon we will have to take leave from the last contemporary witnesses of the Shoah. Yet, their testimonies in the form of literature, historic film documentaries as well as audio and video interviews will definitely remain. Reason enough to turn our attention on the history of contemporary witnessing and the complex relationship between the survivors and the society that surrounds them.

Mikrofon auf grünem Hintergrund
Mikrofon auf grünem Hintergrund Jüdisches Museum Hohenems

  • How have contemporary witnesses been dealt with in Germany since the 1940s?
  • When did German society begin to take a stronger interest in them?
  • And how can museums, memorial sites, and research institutes handle their testimonies in a responsible manner?

The exhibition “End of Testimony?” also looks at the role the general public, audiences, and institutions each have assigned the witness interviews and the survivors. It looks at the intentions of the contemporary witnesses and scrutinizes at the same time the “making” of interviews, the role of the interviewers, and societal expectations. Additionally, the exhibition presents for the first time the various remembrance narratives of surviving Berlin Jews in four thematic sections. And it raises the question of the future of contemporary witnessing in the context of various cultures of remembrance.
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