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Life in society is controlled by unwritten rules: Getting in line when you’re waiting; buying a round of drinks when it’s your birthday; saying “bless you” when somebody sneezes – these are everyday gestures that are hardly ever questioned.

In DUMMIES, however, we see two people who don’t seem to know anything about these rules and conventions. They turn the stage space into their personal playground, taking the everyday objects they find and repurposing them in any way they like, freely and creatively. But their playful journey of discovery is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a third person who shows them the ‘real’ use for the objects, and brings back all the conventional rules, regulations, assumptions, and orderliness. In DUMMIES, reality and fantasy, free-thinking and order-seeking playfully clash, prompting the audience to think about the sense and nonsense of rules.
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Produced by Collectiv dOFt in cooperation with HET LAB HASSELT (BE). Special thanks to: deRUIMTE, 30CC en PLAN.

Concept & Choreography: Piet van Dycke

Music: Jonas Vermeulen

Post-production: Jonas Vermeulen

Consultant: Marie Peeters

Scenography: Menno Boerdam

Dancers: Julia van Rooijen / Georgia Begbie / Piet van Dycke

Production management: Sam Cunningham

Technic: Daan Tytgat, Maarten Brants, Anton Spiessens, Casper van Overschee