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17 years

The summer highlight of the Berlin Pride Weeks - a gay-lesbian tour on the river Spree. The new tour with about 20 ships on the Spree will take place on Thursday, 20.07.2023. The biggest PuScHeLaLaarm ever!

CSD auf der Spree is a party and demonstration takes place on boats plying the city’s main river, where surely more than the boats will be doing some cruising.

The Ships:

SHIP 1 sold out
The Beauty and the Beats
with Edith Schroeder and Biggy van Blond
powered by Berliner Wasserbetriebe

SHIP 2 sold out
CQD Transvestite Titanic
with Jacky-Oh Weinhaus and Jurassica Parka
powered by BVG

SHIP 3 sold out
with Amy Strong & DJ Merean
powered by SchwuZ

SHIP 4 sold out
dancing queens
with Gitti & Mistress deluxe
powered by Rauschgold

SHIP 5 sold out
The hit boat
with Mick Weiser
powered by Sana Klinikum Lichtenberg & Schlagerradio

SHIP 6 sold out
Sporty and queer - That's us!
with Victoria Bacon & DJ Jordan Snapper
powered by Vorspiel SSL Berlin e.V.

SHIP 7 sold out
french kiss
with Erik & DJ Sans Souci
powered by Bleu Blanc Rose

SHIP 8 sold out
Wies'n Pop
with Mataina Awisus & Stella Destroy
powered by GAYWIESN & The Social Hub

Women's culture that connects
with Manu and Andrea from the tango sluts
powered by Begine

SHIP 10 sold out
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
with Nina Queer

Dinner Boat (5 hours)
with DJ Annie O. & Diva Tomasz
powered by Butcherei Lindinger

SHIP 12 sold out
The Fetish Boat
with DJ Tommy & Rita Rinnstein
powered by BLF & Barn

SHIP 13 sold out
Kopie & Friends
with Sally Morell & Anna Klatsch

SHIP 14 sold out
You don't go swimming with us
with Stef Neumeister & 2Girls1Club
our FLINTA* boat
powered by L-SUPPORT

SHIP 15 sold out
Going out is culture
with Nikita, Dirk, Paul Paillette & Match Hoffman
powered by Connection Club & Healing World

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