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The Congress for
Demography and Sustainability (formerly the Demography Congress) has been the
national meeting point for experts in demography and sustainability from
politics, business, science, and civil society for almost 15 years. The target
audience of the KDN are specialists and executives, political and municipal
decision-makers, and the interested professional public. In this country, demographic change will intensify in the
next 10 years due to an aging and simultaneously decreasing population. At the
same time, the world community has only a few years left to achieve the 1.5 to
2-degree goal. The "gray" and "green" crises will
particularly affect and challenge Germany as one of the leading industrial and
economic nations. Does Germany face an "era of shrinking prosperity,"
an "economic turning point" (KfW)? The federal government wants to
enable more immigration, stop early retirement, and motivate older people to
work longer. Germany is facing an "era of transformation." Along with
digitization, demographic change and the decarbonization of the economy are
among the central "Ds" of the coalition agreement of the Ampel
government. The Award: Young Talent Award "Solidarity between
Generations" and "Climate Municipality of the Year" The congress focuses on social cohesion between
generations and the topics of climate protection and health. For the first
time, a young talent award will be given to initiatives of young people who
have distinguished themselves in innovative and creative ways in the fields of
"cohesion and solidarity between generations (demography)." A prize
money of 3,000 EUR is planned - donated by pme Familienservice. The criteria:
intergenerational character, role model effect, transferability, and voluntary
work. In addition, the
"Climate Municipality of the Year" award will be presented. The
Climate Municipality of the Year should symbolically represent many other
municipalities for their creativity and holistic approach.