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As every year, there will be a meeting on November 9th at 6:00 p.m. to commemorate the pogrom at Stein. The author Nicola Jungsberger will then read, accompanied by music from Joanna Filus-Olenkiewicz (viola) and Jörg Walter (harmonium).

Production designer Nicola Jungsberger re-released Simon Wiesenthal's book 'The Sunflower' in 2015, after this important book on the subject of forgiveness and reconciliation, which originally appeared in German, had not seen a new edition in Germany for a very long time.

The book contains the story by Simon Wiesenthal, it is about the fact that as a Polish Jew he was imprisoned in a concentration camp and was led to the deathbed of an SS man during a work assignment, who asked him to forgive him for the crimes he had committed against Jews he wishes. Wiesenthal leaves the bed without a word, but quarrels for a long time.

After the war, while looking at sunflowers, he recalled the event and interviewed many scientists, philosophers, theologians, and people from around the world whom he felt might have something to say about whether he was doing the right thing.

In her new edition, the editor Nicola Jungsberger has once again asked important personalities for a new contribution.

There will be an opportunity for discussion after the reading.

Nicola Jungsberger, born in 1964, studied applied arts in Paris, creates furniture and objects and works as a set designer. Two of her great-uncles were imprisoned in Dachau but never wanted to talk about it. When she discovered The Sunflower in 2008, she convinced Wiesenthal's daughter of her idea to republish this book, which was largely unknown in Germany and had been out of print for a long time.

Joanna Filus-Olenkiewicz was born in Bielsko-Biala/Poland and has been living in Berlin since 2010. She has played internationally as concertmaster and tuttist with many different orchestras. She also gives concerts as a chamber musician and soloist and has taken part in many radio recordings, including with the National Polish Radio Orchestra in Katowice, the Berlin Radio Orchestra and numerous world tours.

Joanna Filus-Olenkiewicz is a viola teacher at a Young Talent course in Toyohashi, Japan. In addition, she is engaged in special education for the mentally handicapped and visually impaired.

Admission free - donation requested

(Program in German)

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