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The name sounds bombastic, and in fact COLOSSEUM are something like dinosaurs in the history of rock music: an association of tremendously virtuoso soloists, yet with a cohesive, compact sound and always musically very innovative in the various constellations.

The double album "Colosseum Live" can certainly still be confidently described as a jewel in the history of rock. In 2022, the "Colossus" set off again to the delight of numerous fans. Under the motto "The Return Of The Legend", the originals Chris Farlowe, Clem Clempson & Mark Clarke will present songs from their brand new studio album "Restoration" (Repertoire/Repuk 1430) alongside Colosseum classics such as "Lost Angeles" & the "Valentyne Suite".

Line-up: Chris Farlowe (lead vocals), Clem Clempson (guitars & vocals), Mark Clarke (bass & vocals), Malcolm Mortimore (drums), Nick Steed (keyboards), Kim Nishikawara (saxophones).

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