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Béatrice Mireille Martins pirate heart is beating since 2008. This is when the Montreal based singer decided to start her solocareer as Coeur de Pirate after the songs she released through her Myspace page created some buzz. Back then her sound was rougher but her dreamy pianoplay and her deep and mostly french lyrics were already there to be seen.

Cœur de Pirate
Cœur de Pirate © MCT-agentur

By now she sold over 1,2 million records amongst those was the brilliant „En cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé“ from 2018 and over the last few years she became a leading voice oft he LGBTQ community.

She recently released the single „Ne m’apelle pas“ that moves somwhere between pop and chanson yet remains danceble nonetheless. Whether she’ll release a new album remains to be seen but at least she’s going back on tour.

On November 29th Coeur de Pirate will play at Passionskirche in Berlin – the perfect setting for Béatrice Mireille Martin.

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