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Since summer 2020, the Humboldt Forum has been organizing a virtual think tank together with five African cinema initiatives: the Cinema Spaces Network (CSN). In January 2022, the members will come together to present themselves, their work, initial projects and their visions to the Berlin audience. From 15-21 January, everything will revolve around the question of what cinema can, could and would like to be in 2022.

Atbara train coming to the revolution sit-in site April 2019
Atbara train coming to the revolution sit-in site April 2019 © Sudanese Filmmaking Association, Foto: Amjad Salah

CSN members invite you to Cine Lectures at 5.30 pm. These interactive lectures will focus on different concepts of how cinemas can become new cultural and social centres - in urban and rural areas. During the day, workshops and seminars will also take place at the Humboldt Forum and throughout Berlin - meetings with professionals and interested parties from various film industries.

In this Cine Lecture, a Sudanese cinema activist gives insights how he and other filmmakers shaped and influenced the Sudanese revolution through their work

During military dictatorship of al-Bashir, the people of Sudan were largely deprived of cinema life. From 1989 until the toppling of the regime in April 2019, all cinemas were shut. Despite massive oppression, filmmakers not only took an active part in the revolution, their documentations and secret screenings have contributed to the toppling of the regime. With comments on the actual situation, this cine lecture will provide insights in ongoing activities on how Sudanese filmmakers strive to revitalize cinema in their country.

- Hall 2
- German, English, French with translation into English and German
- free of charge
- Wheelchair accessible
Additional information
Humboldt Forum: Saal 2