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Opportunity makes love, thinks Minister of State Richard Willey and arranges a tete-a-tete with the secretary of the opposition in a suite of a noble hotel, instead of being present in parliament.When a corpse is suddenly discovered in the hotel suite, George, the secretary of the minister of state and man for all cases, has to be called in.

Ausser Kontrolle
Ausser Kontrolle © Herbert Schulze

However, the events escalate as some unexpected guests appear: the jealous husband, a money-hungry waiter, a resolute nurse with waves of love, the hotel manager who is very attentive to order, and last but not least the minister's wife. As the corpse has resurrection tendencies, the situation becomes increasingly out of control.

Ray Cooney's comedy is British humour par excellence. Virtuoso, with plenty of slapstick and precision for turbulence, the author leads the everyday catastrophes and scandals ad absurdum at breathtaking speed.

The characters have no choice but to slide from one compromising situation to the next. It's a wonderful pleasure to watch them do it. AUSSER KONTROLLE premiered in London in 1990 and was voted Best English Comedy of the Year.

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Manfred Bitterlich (Ausstattung)
Wolfgang Rumpf (Regie)
Ray Cooney (Autor/in)
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