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Captain Arrr's new crew consists of children, but their dream of a pirate life quickly turns out to be an end to their childhood. Fortunately, the parrot Kakapo knows the Convention on the Rights of the Child. After their plan to hijack the UN fails, the hierarchy in the crew changes.

"Käptn Arrr and Kakapo - The Secret of Children's Rights" is an interdisciplinary, participatory theater piece for children aged 6 to 10. In addition to introducing children's rights, the focus is on how these rights affect children. Rights are not always comfortable and are particularly threatened when the alternative appears more tempting. But if you stand up for them and adapt to the circumstances, everyone wins - even the charismatic captain who initially wanted to abolish them.

  • With: Jonas Broxtermann, Carole Jachtmann
  • Language: German

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