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The series "Brazil&Jazz" continues on May 18 at the wonderful Brotfabrik. Also on this day Alex Duarte, an outstanding jazz drummer from Sao Paulo, who makes a detour to Berlin after a workshop at the Paris Conservatory, plays a concert with jazz musicians* from Berlin.

Jazz am Helmholtzplatz Flyer Alex 2
Jazz am Helmholtzplatz Flyer Alex 2 © Jazz am Helmholtzplatz Flyer Alex 2 2022

On this evening he will meet the German saxophonist Ruth Schepers, the Russian pianist Svetlana Marinchenko and the Italian bassist Carmelo Leotta. This evening will also present Brazilian contemporary jazz with international improvisations, with the Brazilian jazz tradition of an Edison Machado, Dom Um Romao or Milton Banana shining through again and again.

These musicians have had an intense influence on drumming in Brazil since the 1950s and have developed their own unique playing styles. Perhaps by then Corona will have faded into the background and the audience will be able to indulge in the music.

Brazil&Jazz 21
  • Alex Duarte - drums
  • Ruth Schepers - sax
  • Carmelo Leotta - bass
  • Svetlana Marinchenko - piano

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