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Book presentation and reading – Gunter Schoss reads

André Müller and Peter Hacks shared a lifelong friendship. Since the late 1950s there has also been an uninterrupted correspondence between the West German writer, publicist and theater man from Cologne and the poet, who moved to the GDR in 1955.

Taken together, these letters are one of the most important testimonies to the level of Marxist discussion of art and society in the second half of the 20th century.

Gunter Schoß reads from the correspondence. • On the podium: the editors Prof. Dr. Heinz Hamm, Dr. Kai Koehler and the publisher Dr. Matthew Ohme.

followed by a small reception

admission free

To book in advance by calling (030) 36 46 64 24 or
by e-mail to is requested.

(Program in German)
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