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In his new novel, Björn Kuhligk tells the story of Müller, forty-four, without self-confidence, neurotic and full of fears. His job, his affair, his apartment, simply everything in his life is half-hearted and lackluster. The news of the death of his older brother Thomas, who had been living in Colombia and out of contact with Müller for many years, hits him surprisingly hard.

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He breaks away from his sluggish daily routine, takes his annual vacation and boards a plane for Cartagena. In the Caribbean port city, Thomas' attractive girlfriend Laura, half an art nouveau house, a small fortune and the big question of who his brother actually was await him ... Is there a chance for more heart and shine for Müller in Colombia?

"The Surveyor" is an atmospheric novel about alienation and identity, distance and proximity, and a brilliant description of two landscapes, Colombia's and that of its main character.

(Program in German)
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