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Jules Petru Fricker (LEGZ)

between – A queer science-fiction rite explores the interconnectivity of queer subjects and celebrates the range of gender identities. Jules Petru Fricker’s first solo rooted in their Berlin Drag practice celebrates the rite of queer becoming.

The Swiss-Romanian artist formerly known under their alter ego LEGZ guides the audience through a queer sci-fi journey full of hope and resilience.

Through a time travel machine installation they invoke shredded memories of their vast audiovisual childhood archive. Between researches the body as an archive where the performer ultimately finds refuge on the dancefloor.

Together with their music collaborators Aisha Devi, Bendik Giske, and  Grinderteeth they open up the space in between. The multimedia performance combines dance, sound, spoken word, video, and installation.

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Additional information
Performance, Choreography, Installation: Jules Petru Fricker

Music set: Grinderteeth

Spoken word intro: Oxi Peng

Dramaturgy: Nils Amadeus Lange

Music: Aisha Devi, Bendik Giske

Light design: Theresa Baumgartner

Headpiece: Jochen Kronier

Text: Oxi Peng, Jules P. Fricker

Video edit: Jules P Fricker, filmed by Petru and Imi Rusz


Supported by Stadt Zürich and Migros Kulturprozent