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German HighlandGames championship, Scottish customs and bizarre competitions

For one weekend, the open-air arena becomes the venue for all kinds of jugglery, music and ancient culture with a colorful program for young and old with captivating exhibition fights as the highlight of the Scottish cult.

Every year in July, fans of Celtic traditions gather in the Gardens of the World for the Berlin HighlandGames. Strong men and women in exciting competitions are cheered on and whimsical entertainment is experienced away from the ring.

Fans of ancient Celtic traditions always get their money's worth when the HighlandGames make a guest appearance in the Gardens of the World. And the comeback of the games couldn't be better after a two-year pandemic break: for the first time, the Gardens of the World will host the German HighlandGames Championship.

On Saturday, professional athletes will compete against each other in age-old disciplines such as tree trunk throwing and stone ball lifting. If you are interested in trying it yourself, you can compete against other daredevils in the open competition on Sunday.
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