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On 25 and 26 June 2022, Architecture Day will be celebrated nationwide with many guided tours of architecturally special places. In Berlin-Tegel, interested people will get the chance to see the inside of the POSTWERK, which is now completed and almost fully let: a unique combination of a listed old building and a sustainable new building with a wooden façade in the courtyard with a total of around 4,000 square metres of commercial space.

The façade of the old building, which rather reflects the era of the penultimate turn of the century, gives no hint of what has been created inside in the past year.

Pandemic rental gaps ensured that real estate developer Glockenweiß made room for a very special coworking idea: "BEYDES - New Working Culture" offers optimal and flexible workplaces in a stylish ambience exactly where people live, and not somewhere in the middle of the city as usual. The concept is working, BEYDES has doubled the rental space to two complete floors after just a few months. In addition to individual desks, smaller team offices are now also offered. The unique working atmosphere, the stylishly furnished rooms and the mix of tenants make BEYDES a real creative hub; currently a professional audio-video production studio is being built, for example for podcasts.

The former Posthalle with its gallery serves as an exhibition and event space for art and culture. The completed new building in the courtyard of the POSTWERK forms an exciting contrast to the old building with its façade of vertical, flamed larch wood planks. The very bright and individually divisible rooms in the new building are also almost completely let.

In addition to classic offices, the YOGAWERK also houses a yoga studio.

The new and old buildings can be visited on Architecture Day. The two guided tours on Saturday, 25 June at 10:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. will be conducted by the responsible architects from Michels Architekturbüro.

The tours are free of charge, access is barrier-free, and the meeting point is in the courtyard of the POSTWERK.