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Hands up! Who likes to watch crime movies here? While some people shout "All Cops are Bastards," most people can hardly imagine a world without police.

Time and again, their monopoly on the use of force is sharply criticized. At the same time, crime formats enjoy great popularity and there is hardly a more prestigious promotion for actors than that of commissioner.

ALLES IN ORDNUNG takes you to the set of a crime film. While following a hot lead, the actors go in search of that "police feeling".

Based on interviews with real police officers, aspirants and those who portray them in films and series, a docu-fiction about the self-image of police officers on screen and in real life emerges in the suspense of the investigation.

In the interviews Lorenz & D'Aprile conducted for ALLES IN ORDNUNG, it became clear how great the influence of idealized images of crime is on the desire to become a police officer.

With their ensemble they condense the collected, conflicting o-tones into a witty plot and try to question the potential of the institution.

Could a reflection on the media's portrayal inspire us to imagine a world without police? Would then finally "everything be alright"?

Performances on May 31 and June 1 as part of the Performing Art Festival 2023.

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