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Neukölln's worst - uh - First Lady Edith Schröder lets it rip in her solo program. As usual, she swims against the tide and shows her colorful shoulders to the black-clad middle hipsters who now also want to turn their neighborhood into a trend district.

Always with a Futschi within reach, she presents herself with her usual shrill taste in a confusing mix of patterns and chats about her experiences between the Lidl deposit machine and the soy latte coffee shop.

But in this case solo doesn't mean that she's going through the evening alone - the HARTZ 8 recipient has brought reinforcements onto the stage of the BKA: Ex-elementary school teacher Karin Hoene, hip-hop grenade Hürriyet Lachmann and dumb-cheeked permanent girlie Marita are wearing theirs Be part of putting all facets of our favorite neighborhood in the spotlight as they goof off songs and dance punchlines! Or the other way around? Doesn't matter!

(Program in German)

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