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Prologue stage of the Globe Berlin
Prologue Stage Globe Berlin © Nanova Photography

Berlin Theatre in Summer

Theatre without theatre holidays

There’s a stubborn rumour going the rounds that in summer all the theatres go on holiday. But Berlin was always different, so here the shouting, suffering and loving on the boards representing the world of theatre continues the whole year round. Some ensembles even take advantage of the warm weather to relocate the whole theatre outside and perform in the open air in warm summer evenings under a sky full of stars. Other theatres, meanwhile, invite top-class ensembles who are otherwise engaged for the rest of the year. And of course the hard core of Berlin’s theatre world just untiringly goes on performing.

Theatre under the open skies

Kinder sitzen auf einer Theaterbühne

In summer the whole of Berlin is transformed into a stage. From green areas via the ruins of buildings right through to roughly erected stages in public areas – there are no limits to the imagination of Berlin’s artists in their choice of summer stages.The great dramas of theatre history can also be seen in the romantic setting of the Schöneberger Südgelände nature park and on the provisional "Prologue Stage" of the Globe Berlin. Younger guests will be told adventures by the Berliner Kinder Theater on the outdoor stage at the Zitadelle Spandau.

Open air events

Open-air concert in the Parkbühne Wuhlheide Berlin

Summer makes an ideal setting for big-time spectacles. Picturesque decors turn imposing stage productions into veritable romantic events. Berlin's large open-air venues include the Waldbühne, the Parkbühne Wuhlheide, and the Zitadelle Spandau. There'll be lots of rocking and rolling and music making here this summer, as well as theatre, circus shows, and cabaret. The cultural project of ufaFabrik is known as a small green oasis within the city. During summer, the covered outdoor stage in its summer garden invites you to enjoy comedy live music shows.

Theatres in Berlin with a continuous programme

Bar jeder Vernunft Berlin in a marquee

Some theatre houses are defying the traditional summer break quite vigorously – to the delight of all theatre lovers. In a dark auditorium theatre fans can escape the summer heat and sit back and enjoy the entire spectrum of stage art – from cabaret & comedy, via shows and varieties, right through to the theatre of the spoken word – and all this during the hottest time of the year.

Please note that most of these performances are in German.

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