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Globe Berlin: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Globe Berlin: A Midsummer Night's Dream © Globe Berlin/Thorsten Wulff

Globe Berlin

Shakespeare's legendary round wooden theatre

Until it is built, German and English-language plays and concerts will take place on the provisional "Open O -stage" to get in the mood for the future programme.

A theatre like in Shakespeare's time

For a long time managing director Christian Leonard, founder of the Shakespeare Company Berlin, dreamed of this: a round wooden building with a stage, on three sides and on three levels with an audience. A wooden theatre building in which the audience can experience the events on stage intensively and up close - similar to what it may have been more than 400 years ago in the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare's theatre arena.

A colourful mix of London residents came together in the open air, in a place of entertainment, exchange and education.

Drama. Word art. World music.

As early as 2016, Leonard bought a corresponding wooden building in Schwäbisch Hall to implement his ideas. Until this can be installed, the future location will have an Open O - stage under the open sky, an interim stage in ring form. Completely original: The audience sits in the centre - with a corona distance - while all around is being played.

Globe Berlin: As You Like It
Globe Berlin: As You Like It © Foto: Thorsten Wulff

The programme gives a good impression of the schedule in the future Globe: Shakespeare, of course, but also other authors, various concerts and guest performances.

The ensemble, directed by Leonard, translates classical drama into modern formats and brings contemporary plays to the stage, in German and in English.

Globe Berlin: Amely
Globe Berlin: Amely © Globe Berlin/Thorsten Wulff

But the Globe Berlin also offers performances, slam poetry and music and sounds from all over the world. The aim is to be cosmopolitan and to work at the pulse of the times.