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Open-air concert in the Parkbühne Wuhlheide Berlin
Open-air stage Parkbühne Wuhlheide © Tourismusverein Berlin Treptow-Köpenick e.V. (

Parkbühne Wuhlheide

The sound of summer

The sound of summer: guitar and glow worms, bass and birdsong. Concert night at the Parkbühne Wuhlheide.


You can sway along to golden oldies or pogo to punk. You can sing or shout. Whether it’s an oldies party or a punk gig, the Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide is the perfect place for open-air events.

German and international artists rock all summer long at the Parkbühne  Wuhlheide: Bryan Adams, Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Robbie Williams, The Cure and Whitney Houston are just some of them. There are the legendary gigs by the Beatsteaks, the Farin Urlaub Racing Team and SEEED. In 2008 the Ärzte played six sold-out dates here in front of more than 100,000 fans in total. This was one of the reasons why the Parkbühne Wuhlheide won the Live Entertainment Award for best location in 2008.

The Wuhlheide Open Air, which features a host of famous musicians and bands, also has a reputation beyond Berlin as a summer highlight. The Berliner Rundfunk 91!4 Open Air has also been an established part of the Wuhlheide calendar for many years.

An amphitheatre built on rubble

FEZ - Wuhlheide

In the middle of the great Wuhlheide park in the south east of Berlin is the amphitheatre of the Parkbühne Wuhlheide, where up to 17,000 people can enjoy open-air concerts. It was opened in the summer of 1951, having been built on mounds of rubble. In 1990s it was declared a listed building. The amphitheatre was extensively renovated in 1996/1997.

Arrival, hotels and schedule

The best way to get to the Parkbühne Wuhlheide is to take the S-Bahn or tram. Around the venue, there is only limited street parking on “An der Wuhlheide”. The S3 S-Bahn line takes you to Wuhlheide station, and then it’s just a few hundred metres’ walk through the woods to the open-air stage. Alternatively, you can take the number 27, 63 or 67 tram to the stop called “Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum”.

Tip: Incidentally, many concert tickets include the price of public transport.

If you want to get a good place, it’s best to get there when the gates open two hours before the event begins. You can take a small backpack and each person can bring 0.5 litres of non-alcoholic drinks and small snack. If rain is forecast, it’s best to come in rainproof clothing, because umbrellas block other people’s view. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. If the adult is not their legal guardian, young gig-goers need a note with permission and a copy of their guardian’s passport.  

If you want to head straight to bed after the concert, you won’t find many hotels within walking distance of the Parkbühne Wuhlheide. But you can easily get a taxi or public transport to Schöneweide, where there is plenty of suitable accommodation.

Upcoming events on the Parkbühne Wuhlheide

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