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Excursion with children, playground of the FEZ in Volkspark Wuhlheide Berlin
The FEZ-Berlin in Volkspark Wuhlheide © visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

FEZ Wuhlheide Centre for Children, Youth and Family

Fun, rest and culture for the whole family

About 20 minutes away from the Berlin center by s-bahn, amidst a large parc in the woods, there is the children's and youth's leisure centre and the county's music academy in the FEZ Wuhlheide Berlin. This recreation park invites families to an active outdoor stay. Play grounds and sports fields, the bathing lake and the open air stage offer a nice variety of things to do. Highlight is the leisure palace for sportive and cultural activity and entertainment. In addition it offers: a swimming pool, sports hall, theatre halls, ballet rooms and a lot more fun for young and old.

Plenty of ways to have fun at FEZ, Europe's largest non-profit family centre

At FEZ, you'll find everything you want. Anyone who feels like moving around can go swimming in the Indoor pool or splash in the shallow end. The Orbitall Space Center awaits all explorers and young scientists. Here, you can examine original items from the Russian Mir space station. In the control centre, visitors can take reactivity and dexterity tests to find out if they have what it takes to become an astronaut.

Family cinema, theatre and children's museum

Even more interaction and experiences are on offer at the Alice Children's Museum with its varying exhibitions on topics such as international meetings or sustainable development. Those who prefer to spend a lazy day sitting down can watch a film in Fezino, the FEZ Family Cinema or a theatre performance. The Astrid Lindgren stage regularly puts on fairytale and fantasy plays for all ages. To get more details on the opening hours of the children's museum, Orbitall, indoor swimming pool and bathing lake please go the centre's website.

Silent forest vs. loud concert stage - the Wuhlheide Berlin

The urban forest is the perfect place for an excursion for people of all ages. For children, the FEZ leisure centre offers countless adventures, such as taking the park railway to where they can swim in the lake or visiting the miniature replicas of Berlin’s major monuments on display here. Summer evenings, the area becomes the place to rock, with the Wuhlheide open-air stage that brings in many international stars and can accommodate up to 17,000 concert-goers.

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