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Berliner Kriminal Theaters
© Foto: Herbert Schulze

Berliner Kriminal Theater

It's always the butler, isn't it?

Time to chase down the murderer as Berliner Kriminal Theater stages exciting mysteries for you to solve. Captivating entertainment guaranteed.


A murder, a room full of suspects, the lead detective, and the question of the hour: "Who did it?" Electrifying suspense and exciting entertainment at Berliner Kriminal Theater. Goosebumps guaranteed. The theatre located in Umspannwerk Ost shows popular mystery dramas live on stage. Guaranteed to be more captivating than any TV mystery.

Staging the scene of the crime

Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime, is represented, of course. After all, she's been providing plenty of suspenseful entertainment for more than 80 years. Her detectives Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot are on hand at Berliner Kriminal Theater to solve the crime. And Christie's legendary The Mousetrap has been running for years.  Films like 12 Angry Men, Arsenic and Old Lace, and Ropehave also been adapted for the stage and are sure to captivate you.
Besides the classics, newer pieces by the likes of Henning Mankell and Jussi Adler-Olsen keep you in contemporary suspense.
But not all the pieces are so deadly serious: the musical revue The murderer is always the gardener includes dark figures, gardening murderers, and murdering gardeners, with lots of dark humour thrown into the mix.

The scene of the crime

Berliner Kriminal Theater has been staging crime scenes since 2000. Before moving to Friedrichshain, they performed in the old Theater der Wühlmäuse. The Berliner Kriminal Theater now makes it home in Umspannwerk Ost, in what was once a substation for Berlin's electricity company that's more than a century old. As a reminder of Berlin's industrial past, the historic building not only hosts the Berliner Kriminal Theater, but also a restaurant and a theatre club in its former machine shops.

Death on the Spree

Murder on board: in collaboration with Reederei Riedel, under the title Murdering Gardener on Board, the Berliner Kriminal Theater stages a murder during a cruise on the River Spree that also includes a four-course dinner.
On the restaurant boat Captain Schillow, narrator Frank Schroeder serves guests Whisky and Crime, a Scottish three-course menu with whiskey tastings and the reading of scary stories.

App and podcast

Get in the mood beforehand by listening to the Berliner Kriminal Theater podcast with interesting interviews and a mobile app with the latest information

Tickets available at Berlin Tourist Information Offices.


Opening hours (additional information)
Ticket box office:
Mon - Sat
3:00pm - 7:00pm
1h before curtain