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Musiktheater Luftschloss
© Barbara Eismann

Luftschloss Tempelhofer Feld

The Open Air stage of the Atze Musiktheater

Since 2023, the open-air stage "Luftschloss Tempelhofer Feld“ invites visitors in the summer months to watch and participate: The wooden amphitheatre offers a varied programme for the whole family and can also accommodate up to 400 visitors.

Theatre takes centre stage on the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin in the summer months! Whether it’s a cult bestseller for the little ones, or stand-up comedy that the entire family can enjoy or a Flamenco night for lovers: the new open-air stage is a cheerful and a good-mood programme, that lets you really enjoy the warm season.

How does an amphitheatre get on a field?

...that’s a valid question! The wooden amphitheatre, which was set up in just a few years, is the collaboration of committed youth, who came up with a great idea in the repair workshop for aircraft at the Tempelhof airport, which is a youth facility with focus on crafts: Why not assemble an open-air theatre from cheap building timber? And so around 100 youths from Berlin schools and secondary schools started sawing wood, planning and hammering under watchful eyes.

An amazing stage rose and caught the eye of Thomas Sutter, founder and long-time director of the ATZE Musiktheater. The initial weeks of the music theatre in the autumn of 2022 were a complete success. The wooden amphitheatre, now called Luftschloss, became a collaborative effort of Kernzone, an organisation that works with young people related to crafts, and ATZE, which has been enriching Berlin’s independent artistic scene for many decades now, and performing theatre for children, adolescents and the entire family.

Luftschloss Atze Musiktheater in Berlin, spectators
Luftschloss Atze Musiktheater in Berlin, spectators © @comedyflash

From children’s music festival to Fusion Slam

The variety things that are on offer from May to September is simply astounding: Audiences are invited to the Luftschloss by songwriters from Berlin, theatre evenings become experiences full of fantasy, fresh improvisations, light-heartedness and humour. And naturally, music. Young guests enjoy the children’s music festival in the open air, Fusion Slam offers experimental poetry slam events.

A lot is happening at the Tempelhofer Feld

It’s not just the Luftschloss: a project was launched in recent years at the site of the disused Tempelhof airport. This project has set great goals for itself. Vast spaces of the closed down airport are going to be opened up for all Berliners and visitors to Berlin. Places will be created for meetings and interactions, locations for exhibitions, cultural events and creative enterprises. This place will also be able to host major events regularly.
The THF Tower at the western head building of the airport will be the first tourist and cultural site to be opened to visitors in July 2023 – no barriers.