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Atze Musiktheater
© Foto: David Ausserhofer

Atze - Musictheatre

Where Frau Holle sings with the Bremen Town Musicians

Ronia the Robber's Daughter, the Bremen Town Musicians, and even scientist Albert Einstein are all equally important at ATZE Musiktheater, Germany's largest music theatre for children.


A place full of cheerful music and exciting stories: ATZE Musiktheater, Germany's largest music theatre for children. Well-known fairy tales and stories rich with fantasy are sung, played, and told here.

The audience is mainly families and school classes with children ages 4 to 13, but there is room for everyone in the Max-Beckmann-Saal. 480 guests can be seated in the large auditorium, while the studio offers 150 seats.

More than 30 years old and still young at heart

ATZE Musiktheater was founded in 1985 as a band which closely intertwined sung and spoken dialogue. The performers are actors, singers, and storytellers in one. The live music provides entertainment for everyone, from tots to classroom teachers.

Well-known pieces like Ronia the Robber's Daughter and the Bremen Town Musicians are performed, as are original pieces such as Spaghetti Wedding. Discussions of current, political themes are also being increasingly offered. The piece Alle da! covers topics such as war, displacement, and migration in an effort to address the refugee debate.

Award-winning valuable lessons

Theatre pedagogy is an important part of the performances and of the ATZE Musiktheater concept. Accompanying materials and optional follow-up activities are offered for each piece. After the performance, audiences can discuss the piece with the actors, ask questions, and work on the themes of the play in small groups.

The outstanding productions also have many adult fans. Besides several IKARUS Awards, ATZE Musiktheater won the National Theatre Prize in 2010. It has also been awarded by the United Nations for its theatre education project Operation Earth which was the official German submisison for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.