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Theatre Strahl Berlin - #BerlinBerlin
Theatre Strahl Berlin - #BerlinBerlin © Foto: Jörg Metzner

Theater Strahl

Berlin's theatre for teens

Visit Theater Strahl and take advantage of the offerings for Berlin schools. The pieces are often wordless and easy for all to understand.

"When I grow up, I'm going to be an astronaut." Many children formulate their dreams in such simple and clear language, but the path to outer space is rarely directly and without detours. As they grow up, kids often encounter challenges and are confronted with individual fears that make them doubt themselves and their plans.

Theater Strahl is dedicated to addressing this whirlwind of emotions. Classic pieces by the likes of Shakespeare and Wedekind are checked for current relevance and translated into the emotional language of today's youth.

Tickets and ticket prices

The pieces are suitable for kids ages 12 and older. All tickets can be ordered directly via the website. The regular ticket price for schoolchildren is €7.50. Adults pay €16 or €10 with any of the usual discounts. People on benefit can get tickets for just €3 on the day before the scheduled performance. Just bring your ID.

Information for school groups

School groups can also sign up to attend open rehearsals and meet the actors after performances. With the support of JugendKulturService GmbH, Berlin school classes and youth organisations receive discounts, paying only €6 per ticket for students, teachers, and chaperones.

The schedule includes special productions like the piece Klasse Tour, designed especially for kids on a school outing. With a wink of the eye, the actors tell their own experiences that are sure to awaken a memory or two among the audience. The pantomime paired with beat-box elements makes the group's prices readily understandable, even by groups with limited or no skills in German.

The theatre appreciates artistic exchange and takes its shows regularly on the road to a variety of venues in Germany. and to such countries as Spain, Turkey, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Russia, and Israel.


Theatre Strahl currently plays three venues in Berlin:

  • Kulturcentrum STRAHL.Die Weiße Rose at Martin-Luther-Straße 77 in Schöneberg.
  • the STRAHL.rehearsal stage in the Kulturhaus at Kyffhäuserstraße 23 in Schöneberg
  • the STRAHL.Halle Ostkreuz at Marktstraße 9-12 in Lichtenberg