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Grips Theatre Berlin, Evening Programme
Grips Theatre Berlin, Evening Programme © David Baltzer/

GRIPS Theater

The creative theatre for young people and adults

The GRIPS is a streetwise theatre for young and old, where everyday problems are skilfully explored on stage. The team initiates many projects for schools.

Emancipatory theatre with "gumption" for younger and older, for young and old

Since the 1960s, the GRIPS Theatre in Berlin-Mitte has been developing contemporary and political plays for children and young people:
GRIPS founder Volker Ludwig wanted to present reality to children and young people, show them perspectives on life - and above all give them courage. Even today, the problems of society are artistically staged at GRIPS and the young audience is picked up where they are at the moment. The success speaks for itself: GRIPS plays have been staged over 1,800 times in 50 countries and 40 languages worldwide.


Every season, GRIPS presents four to five world premieres. In April 2022, the work Das schönste Mädchen der Welt premiered: The film of the same name had become a blockbuster in cinemas in 2018 . Rostand's work Cyrano de Bergerac has been completely restaged here: With witty dialogue and rap interludes, the young people's compulsion to compare is addressed as well as their longing for attention and recognition.
There are also plays for adults: The cult musical Linie 1 about the (West) Berlin underground passengers has been a success for years, and the lovingly staged performances delight everyone who loves Berlin and Berliners: From the Wilmersdorf widows to the Kreuzberg punks.
The GRIPS Theatre does not only have one stage: in addition to the main stage at Hansaplatz, plays are also staged on a smaller studio stage at Podewil in Klosterstraße.

Theatre education at GRIPS

Everyone is invited to engage with social and political issues in general as well as the artistic practice surrounding theatre: Encounters between theatre and audience are offered. Furthermore, formats have been developed to follow up productions, learn more about them and exchange ideas, 

Information for school classes

School classes can process their experiences at GRIPS in a playful way with the support of theatre pedagogy and process their impressions and experiences. The special thing about it: The GRIPS team comes directly to Berlin schools for this purpose. 
For school classes outside of Berlin and Brandenburg, there is the possibility of taking advantage of the GRIPS offers on a class trip: In addition to Linie 1 (recommended for grades 10-13) and #diewelle2020 (recommended for grades 9-12), Das schönste Mädchen der Welt (recommended for grades 8-13) is particularly suitable for class trips. 


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