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Der kleine Ritter Trenk - Theater an der Parkaue
© Christian Brachwitz

Theater an der Parkaue

One oft he biggest theatre for children and young people in Germany

The Theater an der Parkaue is one oft he biggest theatre for children and young people in Germany and is situated in a listed building complex in the Lichtenberg district of Berlin. The theatre currently has three stages with more than 600 seats altogether.

The repertoire now includes more than 35 plays for children and school classes of various ages, as well as families and interested visitors. The very youngest from the age of four are introduced to the theatre with fantasy and playful enthusiasm. There there are also performances for teenagers and young adults.

What’s on the schedule?

The repertoire of the Theater an der Parkaue ranges from associative performances to detailed productions, from classics to contemporary drama, from laboratories to social theatre games. This includes new adaptations of well-known plays such as Effi after Theodor Fontane, but also experimental plays such as Zoom. It gives the young audience a fun introduction to the varied world of theatre.

Travelling theatre

Between 2014 and 2023, the house will be completely renovated. Originally planned as a coherent building project, the house will be modernized between 2014 and 2017, as well as between 2020 and 2023 in two elaborate construction stages.

Over 60 years of theatre history

The original Z-shaped complex was built in 1911 and designed by the city’s chief of public works Johannes Uhlig and the architect Wilhelm Grieme. The Renaissance-inspired building was first used as a boys’ high school. In 1934 it was renamed the Joseph-Goebbels-Schule and survived the war almost unharmed. After the war, it was converted to the children’s branch of the House of Culture of the Soviet Union, and until German reunification in 1990 it was a “Pioneer house” with up to 130 working groups for children and young people. In 1991 Manuel Schöbel became the youngest artistic director in Germany. His first season included seven premieres. From 2005 to 2019 Kay Wuschek directed the theatre.

Information for schools

On the theatre’s website, additional material as well as background information of the play for teachers are available for free. In addition, the theatre offers preparatory or follow-up workshops, project days and various professional days.

Classes up to Year 6 pay €6.50 per ticket, and from Year 7 they pay €8. There are special rates for schools in Berlin, school classes up to Year 6 pay only €4.50 and from Year 7 €6 per ticket.

Theatre in the Alt-Lichtenberg neighbourhood

Restored 19th century buildings, renovated tower blocks and a varied infrastructure make this area an exciting prospect. The upcoming modernisation will continue to attract young creative people who are breathing life into established cultural institutions such as the Theater an der Parkaue.

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