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Varieté Wintergarten in Berlin
Inside the Wintergarten Varieté © Lothar Bladt

Wintergarten Varieté

Stunning acrobatic acts under a canopy of stars

The Wintergarten is home to great entertainment – music, variety, dance and shows. Discover an irresistible mix of acrobatics, sketches and surprises!


As the house lights slowly fade, a glittering canopy of stars appears. A single spotlight shines on the empty stage. Suddenly, held just by a thin rope, an acrobat swings into the light. The audience gasps in amazement – and the Wintergarten show has begun!

For over twenty years, the Wintergarten has been renowned for its breathtaking acrobatic acts and lively revue shows. In the very best tradition, the theatre mixes acrobats, comedy, live music, dance and top performers in excitingly different shows across the broad variety spectrum – but whatever the mix, the result is a high-energy cocktail of top variety entertainment definitely not to be missed!

A taste of the best

In the great tradition of variety theatre, the Wintergarten also offers refreshments for shows, from snacks and drinks to a three-course set meal. Special evening shows include the popular murder mystery dinner, where guests can solve the crime. The afternoon ShowCafé appeals to the entire family, with tea, coffee and cakes served with selected highlights from the evening programme.

Fun beyond words

The Wintergarten programme has a broad appeal – wherever you come from! Since the majority of acts use very little dialogue, there’s no need to speak German to have a great night out!

A long tradition of top entertainment

In today’s Wintergarten, the charm of past eras is vibrantly alive. The auditorium, with its canopy of stars, plush red velvet and dark wood, has a uniquely evocative atmosphere. Display cases with costumes and props also offer an insight into this theatre’s long tradition. The Wintergarten is intimately linked to that vibrant tradition of entertainment which has given Berlin its formidable reputation for nightlife, theatres and shows. In 1887, a variety theatre was opened in a ‘winter garden’ at the Hotel Central in Friedrichstraße – and soon witnessed an event that made history! One evening in 1895, rather than acrobats and exotic dancers on stage, the theatre hosted a world première. At this first-ever commercial screening of a film, the Skladanowsky brothers presented the sensational new art of cinematography!

After various make-overs, the Wintergarten became one of Europe’s largest and most modern theatres – and already had it legendary canopy of stars. In the 1920s, with variety theatre booming, the Wintergarten was synonymous with the wild Roaring Twenties, presenting a series of stunning revue and variety shows.

During the Second World War, the Wintergarten was severely damaged. In 1944, the theatre had to close but, for Berliners, the name and spirit it embodied lived on. And in 1992, a new Wintergarten theatre in Potsdamer Straße revived this great theatre tradition. This also ushered in a new era, since the site had previously been home to the Club Quartier Latin, a venue legendary for concerts with Berlin’s punk bands in the 1970s and 80s.

With the fall of the Wall and reunification, there was also a sea change in Berlin’s nightlife – and it was a fitting moment for the Wintergarten to successfully revive the glitz and glamour of the 1920s on a Berlin stage.


Wintergarten Varieté does not have its own parking facilities. However, there is a car park in a nearby side street off Potsdamer Strasse (parking charges apply).

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Horarios de apertura

Box Office 15:00 – 18:00
Monday, Tuesday, Sunday
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 15:00 – 20:00