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Shakespeare in Grün
© René Löffler

Shakespeare Company Berlin

The outdoor theatre experience

Experience the great classics from William Shakespeare in a modern context. The plays are performed outdoors on a large open air stage. Both the great tragedies and the most rousing comedies can be found in the company's repertoire.

The Shakespeare Company is not only known in Berlin for its lively and audience-oriented plays. It also thrills thousands of spectators every year beyond the city limits and even the national borders.

Live background music

Every play by the Shakespeare Company is exclusively accompanied by live music. The productions are performed by a maximum of six actors, emulating the performance style of the Globe Theatre in London.
Each of the listed plays is translated anew into German. With the new translations, the company creates a poetic but also simplified approach to the works of the English writer.

The repertoire not only includes Shakespeare's comedies such as A Midsummer Night's Dream or As You Like It! but also what is arguably his bloodiest tragedy of all, Macbeth.

Productions since 1999

Founded in 1999, the Shakespeare Company Berlin initially had no fixed location. Nevertheless, it played at different locations in Berlin, amongst them an old church ruin and a tent on the banks of the Spree near the East Side Gallery.

Shakespeare at the Insulaner

Since 2022, the Shakespeare Company is located at the Insulaner, where the plays are performed on the dedicated open-air stage. In addition to the unique theater experience, culinary delights are also provided on site.

Although they are best known for their open air performances, winter does not offer any lengthy breaks. The ensemble performs on other stages in Berlin, where it presents winter plays appropriate to the season.

Another peculiarity is that all the shareholders are also members of the ensemble. The theatre thus belongs to the artists and is one of the most successful independent theatres in Berlin.

Highlights of the Shakespeare Company Berlin

  • Outdoor stage 
  • Live background music
  • Authentic, easy to understand productions