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What shape will the future of public mobility take and how will shared public mobility affect our society? These questions will be answered at the "FUTURE NAH TRANSPORT" event.

In the week from September 4th to 9th, a place will be created in the STATION Berlin where all those who deal with the future development of local public transport can gather. During the event week, representatives of the public transport industry, politicians, start-ups, scientists and the general public come together to work together on the design of a progressive, holistic public transport system in Germany.

The event extends over around 10,000 square meters and presents an interactive world of experience in the field of public transport. Various already existing innovations in the field of mobility will be shown on an exhibition area. Concrete plans for the implementation of a sustainable turnaround in transport are also discussed in various dialogue formats.

Industry days for trade visitors:

Tuesday, September 5th
Mobility as the key to quality of life & integrated mobility in rural areas

Wednesday September 6th
New forms of mobility

Thursday, September 7th
Integrated mobility & financing public transport

Public passenger days:

Friday, September 8th
The public transport sector as an attractive employer

Saturday September 9th
Public transport experience day for friends and family of the future of local transport
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