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Berlin is a magnet for jazz musicians from all over the world. In the series "Encore!!!! International" series, Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V. introduces musicians who have lived in Berlin for only a short time. One of the Jazz Initiative's main concerns is to offer concerts to these newcomers.

GRAFIK Musik © visitBerlin, Illustration Jim Avignon

The development of art, especially jazz, depends on new impulses, both individual and newly discovered traditions from different corners of the world. Top-class musicians and a lot of impulsive creativity.

  • Alessandro DiPuccio - Italy
  • Svetlana Marinchenko - Russia
  • Nishad Pandey - India
  • Davis West - USA
  • Nicola Miller - Canada
  • Mathilde Vendramin - France
  • Joana Carvalhas - Portugal
  • Vitaliy Kyianytsia - Ukraine
The series was created with the kind support of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin.

It is curated by Regina Câmara/Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V.

Many thanks to the cooperating venues: Haus der Sinne, Kühlspot Social Club, Raumerweiterungshalle REH, Ruths Räume.
Additional information
Encore!!!! International.
A concert series with 8 concerts in Prenzlauer Berg and Weißensee - April to July 2022.

Wednesday, 5/25/2022
8 pm
Raumerweiterungshalle REH | Room extension hall REH
Kopenhagener Str. 17

Raumerweiterungshalle (REH)