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Betina Kuntzsch - Video Drawing

Mehrzweckhalle has been the name of a project space in Berlin at changing locations since 2003. A total of 9 artists have been invited for the ZEICHENRAUM project series, which will run for more than 3 years. The fifth exhibition in the ZEICHENRAUM series is supported by the A und A Kulturstiftung and will show from 13.05.2023: Betina Kuntzsch - Video Drawing.

Betina Kuntzsch draws with an electronic pen on the computer and animates with different programmes. She is interested in the processuality of the lines, the movement and the condensation into forms and spatial structures.

For the multi-purpose hall, she developed an installation with two video projectors. A video drawing, a light drawing moves through the room. The lines of the windows, doors and walls are recorded, multiplied and animated. The drawings emerge, change and overlap, form rhythmic formations and disappear. The video projection sweeps over all four walls of the room and over the viewers entering. A play of light.

Exhibition period: 13.05. until 04.06.2023

Location: Claudia Busching
Multipurpose hall
Elisabethweg 4a
13187 Berlin

Opening hours:
Saturday, Sunday: 15:00 - 18:00 hrs
Ascension Day (18.05.) and Whit Monday (29.05.)
15:00 - 18:00 hrs
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