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A Chickist Dance Tea by Chicks* free performance collective.

Welcome to the feminist standard dance event! We, queer FLINTA*s, invite you. This will be the ball of all dreams.

Theater an der Parkaue Logo
Theater an der Parkaue Logo © Christian Brachwitz

The heterosexual cis couple looks deeply into each other's eyes. She looks at him languishingly, he looks down at her. She is dreamy, surrendering to the man's guidance. He twirls her around. Her body in a ball gown, his in a tuxedo. We know this stereotypical image of the dancing "dream couple" from countless films.

CHICKS* work off gender roles that are inscribed in couple dancing. They think back to their own proms and go in search of dancing role models, queer dance couples, dancing friends, leading women and surrendering men, consensual encounters in dance. - Awarded as best youth play by the youth jury of WILDWECHSEL FESTIVAL 2021.

A production of CHICKS* freies performancekollektiv in co-production with sch wa nk hal le Bremen and in cooperation with LOFFT - DAS THEATER. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Senator for Culture of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, the City of Leipzig, Cultural Office and by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony. This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament.
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Participating artists
CHICKS* freies performancekollektiv
Thordis M. Meyer
Gianna Pargätzi
Marietheres Jesse
Pauline Jacob
Anna Konrad
Josephine Mielke
Vanessa Meinert
Laura Kallenbach
Miriam Glöckler
Mikah Heitkötter
Simone Ehlen
Theater an der Parkaue: Bühne 3
Theater an der Parkaue: Bühne 3
Theater an der Parkaue: Bühne 3