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With Yodit Gebreheneras and Otis Mensah

In this 3-hour workshop, Yodit Gebreheneras und Otis Mensah will give insights into their practice, and explore the journey of text and poetry turning into sound and movement – approximating the format of the ‘lecture performance’ – together with the group. The transformation and transgression of text and poetry into other states and phases will be experimented with in different collective excercises and setups, as well as individually.

Yodit Gebreheneras (she/her) is a singer, songwriter, and poet based in Berlin. Her work primarily focuses on self-liberation from existing limiting belief systems, such as societal expectations of how one should be and live. She engages in active exploration of emotional, thought, and behavioral patterns, as well as healing and processing trauma, active self empowerment and coping with mental health issues. 

Otis Mensah is a musician and multidisciplinary artist exploring the intersection of poetry and experimental music(s). Taking influence from the rhythmic and expressive freedom of Jazz, Otis’ work uses aesthetic language as an instrument to solo through themes of race, identity, gender and the body. Since being appointed Sheffield’s first Poet Laureate in 2018, Otis has sold-out their debut poetry collection Safe Metamorphosis published with Prototype in 2020, debuted at Glastonbury, We Out Here and Shambala Festival, as well as performing with the likes of Moor Mother, Nightmares On Wax, Benjamin Zephaniah, Lava La Rue, Mahalia and Little Simz.
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Meeting point: KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Price: €12.00

Booking: For writers and artists between 18 and 38 years

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