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Guided tour from Tiergarten City Hall to Levetzowstraße Memorial

The new event series, guided city tours for adults, is launched:

The city tours, led by historian Trille Schünke-Bettinger, use biographical traces of women in Moabit to provide an overview of the diversity and breadth of female resistance to the Nazi regime. In addition, the legal and social exclusion of Jewish women is made visible through the biographies of persecuted women.

The approximately one-and-a-half-hour route leads to six places where women lived, worked and were active during the Nazi era. The individual stations refer to individual fates, such as that of Helene von Schell (1903-1956). The secretary, who lived in Moabit, hid the Jewish Foß family in her one-room apartment starting in 1942; at times there were up to nine people at a time.

The starting point for all city tours is the dependence of the Mitte Museum in the Tiergarten City Hall, whose exhibition "The Tiergarten City Hall as a Place of Perpetration and Remembrance" provides insights into the history of the site and discusses forms of dealing with Nazi architecture today.

The final point of the city tour is the memorial to the former synagogue in Levetzowstraße, which was misused by the Nazis as a collection camp for the deportation of Berlin Jews. One of them was Käte Neumann (1887-1943), who lived with her family at Jagowstraße 16 in Moabit. In the course of the "factory action," she and her family were arrested in February 1943 and taken to the aforementioned Levetzowstraße collection camp. From there, she and her son were deported from the Moabit freight station to Auschwitz, where they were murdered.

Materials about the witnesses will be available on site and are also available in easy language.

Start: forecourt of Tiergarten City Hall, Mathilde-Jacob-Platz 1

End: Levetzowstraße Memorial

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
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Meeting point: Mathilde Jacob Square 1