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aufruhr des schweigens

Initiated by Franziska Greber, WOMEN IN THE DARK is an international, participatory, and transdisciplinary art project that makes an important contribution to the current debate on discrimination, violence, equality, and gender stereotypes.

In close cooperation with women’s and human rights organizations, WOMEN IN THE DARK has encouraged women around the world who are affected by these issues to write their experiences and injuries as well as their hopes and demands with red permanent marker on white shirts – in India it was scarves – with the aim of making women’s voices heard. Women from China, India, Chile, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Switzerland, and Germany took part in this long-term art project, which began in Zimbabwe in 2016.

The Berlin initiative against violence towards women (BIG e.V.) and Der Paritätische in Bayern have reached around 150 organizations that encouraged 690 women from 12 German states to write their messages on white blouses in 40 languages.

These blouses will be exhibited as an installation in the Exhibition Hall and accompanied by other installations, sculptures, videos, sound recordings, and photographs that deal with these issues.

Franziska Greber is a Swiss artist and psychotherapist. Her work is exhibited internationally.

This exhibition takes place in cooperation with WOMEN IN THE DARK Deutschland e.V., the Stiftung Reinbeckhallen, and BIG e.V..

WOMEN IN THE DARK was awarded an art prize from The Power of the Arts, which states that the art project “positions itself against looking the other way and remaining silent and convinces not only through its relevance, but also through its high artistic quality.”
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