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The artist duo Juodelytė/Nader come from very different musical worlds. Mauricio Nader, a self-taught electric bass virtuoso from Santiago de Chile, has been on concert tours and in numerous studio productions around the world for many years and has currently arrived in Berlin-Pankow.

Karolina Juodelytė learned to play the piano and soon the organ in Vilnius at an early age; She moved to Vienna and Helsinki and acquired a German church music diploma in Detmold. During these years, her playing repeatedly received competition prizes until she finally completed her concert diploma in Berlin in 2022.

The program for this evening includes pieces of music that have been specially arranged for organ or electric bass, from both classical and popular music. While Mauricio Nader (electric bass) will add unusual accents to the organ sounds, Karolina Juodelytė organ playing can make well-known pop pieces like “Libertango”, “Interstellar” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” wonderfully big!

Admission is free, donations “for the organ” are requested
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