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Focus on edible plants and medicinal plants. Discover botanical rarities and wild fruit or vegetables suitable for cooking in a two-hour hike through the varied flora of the area around the Hahneberg.

Together with herbal expert Ms. Susanna Komischke, who shares her extensive knowledge of healing effects, uses and ingredients with you, you hike across the former border strip up to the new Hahneberg. There you will be rewarded with a wide view over the city, but also with many new insights.

The number of participants is limited. Registration for the tour is required at or at 030/263 007 87. The tour is free of charge, but the association would be very happy to receive a donation!

Condition required for a 2-hour hike. Weatherproof clothing and sturdy shoes are requested.

Meeting point: Hahneberg Nature Conservation Station, Heerstr. 549, 13593 Berlin.
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